Young farmers join our fields

Fortunately, every year young people bring enthusiasm, youth and vitality from the town to the agrarian world.

It’s necessary to attract young farmers to maintain a sustainable generational handover in agriculture.
According to statistics, six out of ten farmers will retire in the decade between 2020 and 2030, so it is everyone’s obligation to facilitate their incorporation.

The new generations of farmers are more trained and oriented to the needs of the market, being the organic farming a marked trend.
At Bodegas Pinoso we are happy to join new members every year. The vineyards of the municipality of Pinoso welcome new farmers, where enthusiasm, perseverance and effort are the key.

They combine the wisdom of their grandparents and parents, and the nurturing of generations better trained with a high technical level, providing an ideal stage to achieve the best fruits. A perfect union between the passion for the land and the innovation.
From Bodegas Pinoso we are very grateful, and we value the effort and enthusiasm of the young farmers who make agriculture their profession and their lifestyle.