Bodegas Pinoso was set up as a cooperative in 1932 and the work carried out in the vineyards faithfully respects the wining traditions of our wine producers.

The coming together and effort put in by the founding members of Bodegas Pinoso meant that the winery quickly became renowned for the quality of its wines. This is why, in the years that followed, many other wine producers wanted to join the cooperative and initially in 1969 and later on in 1974, the winery was extended so as to make room for the new producers. After quite a lot more expansion at the beginning of the 80’s, the winery was capable of producing up to approximately 19,000.000 litres. It thus became the most important winery cooperative in the province of Alicante with 650 members. At the end of the 90’s the winery began to rethink its quality policy so as to improve its bottled wines while at the same time designating the first areas of the winery land to be used for certified ecological vineyard plots.

– Effort and tradition since 1932 –

Since then, Bodegas Pinoso has continued to invest in new technology and qualified personnel in order to carry out an ambitious project that involves a whole village – to become a winery of international renown.


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Our understanding of wine is that it is nature’s will to give it to us. Our crops become an expression of the earth itself. Our wines are the true reflection of team spirit, transparency, responsibility and constant innovation which can be seen in our winery.

Quality is our greatest obsession. Dozens of years of work, wisdom and experience are our guarantee, where past and present come together by means of the most modern technology. Behind all of this there is a young but experienced team, with experts in wine production and oenology, who love and have faith in the land, the vines and nature itself.

Our commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation is well known in countries all over the world.