Pruning in green in Pinoso Wineries

In Pinoso Wineries, the month of May arrives and with it we go into the era of pruning in green, or “derroña”, which is how this operation is commonly known in the area. It is one of the most important tasks in the vineyard and consists of eliminating those unnecessary shoots that do not have grapes and the poorest shoots of the vine, so that the plant allocates its resources to the remaining grapes, generally improving the quality of the grape.

The benefits of pruning in green can be summarized in:

– Regulate the load (kilos of grapes per stock) reducing production, and leaving a balanced vine with a ratio of leaf mass / grape suitable for the grape to ripen correctly

– Improve the aeration and luminosity of the bunches, which will result in a better ripening of the grapes

– By favoring aeration, we avoid generating microclimates around clusters, with high humidity, which could favor the proliferation of fungal diseases and rot

– By eliminating part of the vegetation, the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments is improved

In addition, green pruning intervenes in the training and maintenance of vineyard management, while at the same time facilitating other work in our vineyards. Especially in winter pruning, since eliminating secondary shoots in spring is easier than in winter, thus reducing the wounds and scars that will later occur in dry pruning.