Passion for land and innovation

In the 21st century, the vineyards of the town of Pinoso welcome new generations of young farmers. Lots of enthusiasm, work, perseverance and effort.

Every year there are some Young farmers from Pinoso who see in agriculture a new job bet, a generational relay that contributes to the agricultural tradition of the area does not disappear. Agriculture is a strategic sector, where quality, sustainability, respect for the environment, safety for both farmers and consumers are the main focuses of the sector. The new generations of farmers take on the new role because the ageing of farmers is a reality.

Young farmers who receive the inheritance of their parents and grandparents, who renew the illusion of working with the land, and make agriculture a way of life. They carry out new vineyard plantations, giving impetus and adapting the grape varieties to the new trends without forgetting, of course, the queen variety, the Monastrell, thus improving the agricultural profitability. A perfect union between passion for land and innovation.