Costa Alicante wines were launched on last week, a casual Brand with a careful script. Costa Alicante brand name to highlight the importance of the Mediterranean life stile and everything that surround us.

Advertising Image of Costa Alicante wines

The design of the 3 labels represent our beaches in the Alicante Coast, the lifeguard chairs, the huts ( multicolour fitting rooms) and , not less important, the tourist that enjoys all of this.

The funny touch comes with White and rose labels which when labels reach the cold temperature to be consumed , the tourists show a sunburned skin as a typical carelessness on their first day at the beach.

Explanation of changing labels

The slogan of the Brand speaks for itself; Don´t blame the sun for the heat, blame us for having the remedy. When you finish the bottle, it gets the room temperature again and that sunburned skin disappear.

Drink Costa Alicante wines and put the hot out enjoying them.