Harvest 2018 overview at Bodegas Pinoso

Like every year at Bodegas Pinoso, the winery´s team, as well as its cooperative members and its viticulturists, put together their efforts to plan both, the harvest and production of the wines that distinguish us that much.

During the growing circle of the vineyards, the optimal weather conditions have taken place. This fact, in conjunction with the care all year round and the know-how of the viticulturists, result in the grapes achieving the required quality for the time of the harvest.

This year´s harvest began on 3 September and concluded on 18 October. A month and a half of hard work, where every single grape variety has been separately harvested being picked up at its optimal maturation moment in the following order: Sauvignon blanc, followed by early varieties such as Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah and Macabeo, continuing with Airén, Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon to end up with Petit Verdot and Monastrell.

During this year´s harvest 5.600.000 kgs of grape have been picked, obtaining 4.250.000 l. of wine. With an amount of 3.300.000 kg, which represents more than 55% of the harvest, Monastrell has been the main variety. We would also like to highlight the support of Bodegas Pinoso to the sustainable agriculture where half of its land is certified as organic being a nationwide benchmark.

Now we have just to wait for the wines to be polished and ready to be tasted and enjoyed as a reward of all the hard work carried out during the year.