On the top of
ecological agriculture
Ecological wines

We are proud of our understanding of the vine, of the respect we have for it and how much we love it. We work our vines in compliance with the European regulations for ecological production, with the aim of providing both a healthy land and world for future wine producing generations.

We were pioneers in the world of ecological wine production, beginning this type of sustainable production in 1997, and at this moment in time we are one of the main producers of ecological wine on a national level.

We are improving the fertility of our soil, increasing the biodiversity of our ecosystems, we do not use pesticides on our products and we allow our wine producers to carry out their work in a healthier way.

food production

We contribute to the fact that farmers
do their work in a healthier way

We increase our
ecosystem’s biodiversity

We improve our
soil’s fertility

Besides all of this, in our efforts to improve the environment, we are going one step further and we use recycled cardboard for our boxes, lighter bottles that cause less pollution, we encourage the use of the bag in a box etc.

In Bodegas Pinoso, besides protecting the environment, we also care about animals and some of our wines are produced taking into account the regulations related to vegan production.

Vegan wines are wines that are produced using only products of vegetable origin, by substituting traditional fining agents such as gelatine with bentonite and vegetable proteins.

As well as this, the majority of these wines are made with ecological grapes and the result is top quality ecological, vegan wines whose destination is that of our best, most demanding customers.