Bodegas Pinoso collaborates with the Miguel Hernández University and with the IES Valle de Elda in the Vendimia 2018

Students of the degree of Food Science and Technology of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and students of the IES Valle de Elda within the higher education cycle in Vitiviniculture, have carried out their practices during the 2018 vintage campaign in Bodegas Pinoso.

Bodegas Pinoso welcomes for the sixteenth consecutive year trainees from the centers of studies specialized in enology in our province. This year is the procedure of the degree of Science and Technology of Food of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, and of the Higher Training Cycle in Vitiviniculture of the IES Valle de Elda.

In Bodegas Pinoso, the students in the practices of support tasks in the technical department of the winery, such as the monitoring of plagues and diseases of the vineyard, the control of the maturation of the grape, the monitoring and control of the elaboration of wine, etc.

In these practices students are given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge acquired during the studies, in addition to beginning their adaptation to the labor market, understanding what attitudes and competencies are desirable in the companies. In addition, Bodegas Pinoso is nourished by a renovation on the operation of the winery.

The help of the students is fundamental to coordinate and maintain as a result the work of Bodegas Pinoso during the campaign, so we would like to thank to Irene, Zaira and Gonzalo for their collaboration.