12 Aug, 19 _ news
At the end of July, and with the heat of summer, the vineyards of Bodegas Pinoso are tinged with end
12 Jul, 19 _ news
In Pinoso Wineries, the month of May arrives and with it we go into the era of pruning in green, or
18 Apr, 19 _ news
It is a peculiar phenomenon, little known, but fascinating, that happens throughout the winter, wher
15 Feb, 19 _ Blog
Last Friday, January 25, Bodegas Pinoso was present at FITUR, the most important tourism fair in our
02 Jan, 19 _ Blog
Celebrate this Christmas with our Golden Trio, awarded at the 23rd edition Mundus Vini in Berlin Ver
05 Dec, 18 _ Blog
Like every year at Bodegas Pinoso, the winery´s team, as well as its cooperative members and its vi
26 Nov, 18 _ Blog
Students of the degree of Food Science and Technology of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche a
06 Jun, 17 _ Blog
Vergel young red continues to reap prizes wherever he goes. The latest achievement has been a bronze