And in the spring … the vineyard cries

It is a peculiar phenomenon, little known, but fascinating, that happens throughout the winter, where the vineyards are located. With the rise of the temperatures of the arrival of spring, our vineyards begin to cry, this way their vegetative cycle is organized. The story of the new plant and brute through the pruning cuts forming tears. The strains reactivate their cellular respiration, absorb more water and minerals, and start up their reserves. The “I cry” announces a new cycle that is born from the roots of the video. The younger vines will sprout earlier than the old vines, and each time we will do so at different times.

The first to sprout will be Tempranillo, Merlot and Garnacha Tintorera, followed by Syrah, white varieties and Cabernet Sauvignon. Finally petit verdot and monastrell will sprout. After sprouting, the green shoots, the new leaves and the flowers of the vineyard will come out, which later will become bunches. The vineyards will be dyed green and, in Bodegas Pinoso, they will wait next to our vines for the arrival of the harvest.